RIDLEY COLLEGE: story of an announced success

It was the first soccer camp in a private Canadian college and the two weeks literally flew, leaving in everyone’s heart a great satisfaction for the success of the event and for the perception of happiness of the kids, who participated living a literal full immersion of soccer, really unique!

The world premiere of the Ridley Soccer Camp Advance Performance ended with a very positive balance, with the awareness of having given the young players so many great moments of football and more!

In the magnificent setting of Ridley College in Ontario-Canada, many under-18s, coming from all over the world, came together to meet and test themselves in the rich daily and weekly program.

Teenagers from China, Germany, USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Canada and the Caribbean islands came for the first AP Soccer Camp: a mix of different cultures, languages and traditions brought together by a great passion, the desire for football. The organization set up by the Manager of Summer Programs Milana Schramm was excellent, the first to believe in the soccer project together with the Technical Director of the event Davide Massafra who, with competence and caution, created a solid work model and a very complete program, which emphasized all the sides of the soccer world.


… In the classroom every day it was a different subject: tactics, general football notions, sports nutrition, video analysis classes and social moments such as quizzes and team games …!

Double daily training session, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon as main appointments, including other activities: swimming, fitness activities in the gym and above all classroom hours with lessons about tactics, nutrition, match analysis and social activities.

Lunch time was also pleasant with all the kids of all sports present in the huge canteen of the College, a further moment of aggregation and growth for the boys.

Tight program with the first training session from 9am to 10.30am, where we worked on ball possession on and basic technique with Coach Davide and then moved on to receiving and passing, developing useful exercises also for the search of the playing time and the cooperation between 2 or more players. After a short snack break we went to the gym for the coordination and playful aspect, or alternatively in the classroom where every day it was a different subject: tactics, general soccer notions, sports nutrition, classes where video analysis and social moments took place as quizzes and team games, all with a single topic: soccer. All this in the College spaces, with video projectors and every comfort needed to make the kids feel truly immersed in a high-level environment. Then lunch in the huge canteen with a choice of 4 hot mains every day, plus a large vegetables, cheese and fruit buffet that made the meal delicious for everyone before diving into the College’s warm indoor pool.

Once refreshed everyone was ready again to take the field for the afternoon training session: situational exercises, shots on goal, themed matches and the daily final match involving all players until 4 pm, time for sports activities to end.

Even though my work and Davide’s ended here, the kids’ schedule kept them really busy: theater, barbecue parties and games at the Campus, and above all the Toronto FC MLS match against New York Red Bulls… Because fun is a fundamental part of the AP Soccer Camp experience!

Simultaneously with our training sessions, to fill Ridley’s indoor and outdoor spaces there were many other activities divided into work categories, held in the arenas, theaters, laboratories and all the playing fields. Over 250 children were divided into groups and activities with a large presence of educators, instructors and companions who made sure everything would go according to schedule everyday at every time.

The outcome of the Advance Soccer Camp – at its first absolute edition – was really positive, a big win lived in a true and sentimental way by everyone, with that kind of feeling that leaves a bit of melancholy at the end of the path, at the moment to say goodbye, after having lived 15 days together and shared many educational and fun moments! This is the most beautiful message for us coaches who first believed and wanted this event, aware of being able and having to improve in view of the almost certain upcoming event next summer.

Now we have 11 months to prepare the new edition and therefore all those interested in participating can already give it a little thought  Success guaranteed!
AThe appointment is set for July 2020 at RIDLEY COLLEGE … STAY TUNED!


DOVE? Ridley College – 2 Ridley Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C3, Canada
 30 athletes from all over the world
– WHEN? From 8th to 19th July 2019, first absolute event
– 250 kids present among all the sports and activities
– NEXT EVENT? July 2020
INFO & REGISTRATONS 2020 > federico@socceroad.com

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