If you’re here you’re curious to find out more about SOCCEROAD!


Well, I start by telling you that this is an autobiographical blog, because the “road of soccer” that I want to tell you about is mine… 😉 I must say the truth…calling it “blog” can be reductive, but it’s alright as a start!

My name is Federico Turriziani and with SocceRoad I want to bring you in my thousand adventures as a travelling trainer. I’m in love with soccer since that first ball which was given to me as a present when i was a child; as all the italian boys in the magical 80s I grew up with ‘bread and soccer’, until the growth stopped but the favourite meal always stayed the same!

Since more than some years infact my passion for soccer became a profession, so in these pages i collect all my experiences, so different from each other and lived at so different latitudes that to think about it very well the only common factor is the good old green rectangle

All the rest, on the other hand, I played it out of the field and with no scheme!


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  •      LICENSE “Match analysis” Video and match analysis
  •      LICENSE “Football school Academy instructor”
  •      LICENSE: “Italian National Olympic Sports fitness coach” C.O.N.I.
All started when SOCCEROAD wasn’t even in my imagination.

My match started at home, more precisely in Perugia and went on – without stopwatch  – between Old e New Continent.

Important moments, on this side and the other one of the ocean, never lacked in my professional life, and the thing that I’m proud of is to have never regretted anything until today. Because I believed it and I still believe it.

The fascinating side of soccer is that it’s really for and of everyone, of who rules it and of who only talks about it, in the middle you always find any sort of thing, and just when you think you’re an expert you get proof of how endlessely wide is this universe.


It goes without saying that it’s hard for people starting from scratch like me: it’s hard to emerge and simply show how much you’re worth.

Before you can start doing something, the first match to win is against the system, you must avoid getting stuck in the net that separates you from people who want to stay in front of you and people who think you’re no one. I was never on the fast lane to go forward, never even had scissors to shorten the path…But I never stopped to look for that hole to dig and make bigger, and getting so far away from the noisy traffic i found myself surprisingly going around the world!

This is what I’ve done, this is what i try to do everyday… And SOCCEROAD is my wish to share the road of my soccer, the most difficult but also the most fascinating, where few people are willing to help out, where you have to create your own chances so you can fully manage them then.

Welcome to my world… This is my route!